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Exploration Underground – 2016

Dance Party Hire was involved with the set up of the Exploration Underground on the 16th to 18th September 2016 at a secret bush location.

We designed, prep & set up the custom stage with a custom Inflatable Mask that we ordered from our Inflatable Supplier, the rest of the decor was decor that we have used for past events instead of buying what was needed to complete the stage designed.

The PA was tuned by Choo Crew (Crown Amps provided for the Bob Audio Band Pass Subs in the middle & digital audio processing equipment) + there was even a Gazebo set up near the dancefloor which had a Playstation 1 with 2x g-con 45’s (time crisis & point blank) set up.

DB Fifty Line System with Bob Audio Band Pass Subs 14317331_10157402488330487_4803561677301165835_n[1]

Set Up Progress & Stage Prep Pictures Below:

We provided & set up the following equipment for the event:

FOH Sound: DB Fifty Line Sound System (4x FL10 Top Boxes, 4x FL15 Mid Boxes & 6x FL18 Sub Boxes), 2x Bob Audio Dual Band Pass Sub, 1x DBX Driverack (Sound Techs, Amps & digital audio processing equipment provided Choo Crew)

Monitors: 2x Mackie SRM450 with Hercule Speaker Stands

Lighting: 4x ADJ X-Scan Led Plus, 2x Light Emotion Led UV, 3x RGB Led Wash, 1x Acme Kaleido, 2x Light Emotion Led Par 64

Lasers: 2x Light Emotion 50mw Dual Green Lasers

Effect Machines: 1x Antari Z1000 II Smoke Machine with timer remote

Trussing: 2x 3m Truss with 2x Heavy Duty Stands with 2x Truss Adaptors

Decor: Custom Inflatable Mask with custom rigging, Cut Out Banners, Custom Banners, Cut out Lycra, UV Reactive Decor + more

1x DJM800 & 2x CDJ900


2x Oztrail Gazebos, 1x Scaffold

** Food Stall by Ohm Noms

** Clothing Stall by Kaleidoscope Eyes Tie Dyes

** Photography by Pixel Dust

** Generator was hired from Macfarlane Generators @ Seven Hills

** Event Photos:

** Non Commercial Western Sydney:

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